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John Carpenter's



A various assortment of all THING's sent into Outpost #31.

 Mr Carmichael sent us this rare pic of the Kennel-Thing under construction.


 Holger Heissig sent us photos of these wonderful Blair Monster and Leviathan sculptures created by Timothy Martin from ADI and exhibited at Monsterpalooza 2011.  Thanks Holger!










Scott V. Pensa sent us this wonderful collection of photos he took of half of the cast of John Carpenter's The Thing.  David Clennon, Richard Masur, Joel Polis, T. K. Carter, Thomas G. Waites and Keith David reunited to take questions at the 2013 Days of the Dead convention, Indianapolis.  Where's Blair?


FredChristensen/GEDC0240.JPG FredChristensen/GEDC0244.JPG  

Fred Christensen send us these cool photos of his encounter with John Carpenter and Dick Warlock (stuntman on The Thing.) He tells us:

 "My son and I had the great fortune of meeting the man, the legend, the great JOHN CARPENTER!!!! We met him at FLASHBACK WEEKEND in Rosemont, Illinois August 10TH-12TH. We joined him for a special screening of the 30th anniversary of THE THING!!!! I even met up with him for a smoke break, just he and I. We shot the breeze about what ever came to mind. He's very interesting to talk with.

 We even met up again with Dick Warlock, stuntman for many Carpenter films. He remembered Bruce and I from HORRORHOUND WEEKEND from March of last year. He remembered Bruce by name. He and his absolutely lovely wife, Kat, were very gracious and treated Bruce and I like family, not just people he met over a year ago."

HolgerHeissig/Casey-Blairmonster-1.jpg HolgerHeissig/Casey-Blairmonster-2.jpg HolgerHeissig/Casey-Dogthing-1.jpg HolgerHeissig/Casey-Dogthing-1.jpg.jpg

HolgerHeissig/Casey-Norrisworm-1.jpg  HolgerHeissig/Norrisworm-1.jpg  HolgerHeissig/Spiderhead.jpgHolgerHeissig/Sota-Spiderhead.jpg

HolgerHeissig/Thing-Diorama-1.jpg HolgerHeissig/Thing-Diorama-2.jpg HolgerHeissig/Thing-Diorama-3.jpg HolgerHeissig/Thing-Diorama-4.jpg

HolgerHeissig/Thing-Diorama-5.jpg HolgerHeissig/Thing-Diorama-6.jpg HolgerHeissig/ThingFigures-1.jpg HolgerHeissig/ThingFigures-2.jpg

 HolgerHeissig/Casey-Norrisworm-2.jpg HolgerHeissig/Norrisworm-2.jpg HolgerHeissig/Thing-Shelf.jpg
Holger Heissig sends us pictures of his impressive Thing collection.


Tobias Kessler sends us this scan of a French review of The Thing (2011).  Seulement deux étoiles!  

TobiasKessler/german ad.jpg TobiasKessler/german ad 2.jpg

Tobias Kessler has sent us these scans of German newspaper advertisements for The Thing. 

Videocase/GEDC0055.jpg Videocase/GEDC0056.jpg Videocase/GEDC0057.jpg Videocase/GEDC0058.jpg
Adam Pantofel has sent us photos of a custom ice-cube casing for his VHS copy of The Thing.

ItalianThingFanFest/ITFF copy.jpg 

ItalianThingFanFest/IMG_0839.jpg ItalianThingFanFest/IMG_0840.jpg ItalianThingFanFest/IMG_0849.jpg ItalianThingFanFest/IMG_0850.jpg

ItalianThingFanFest/IMG_0852.jpg ItalianThingFanFest/IMG_0867.jpg ItalianThingFanFest/IMG_0878.jpg ItalianThingFanFest/IMG_0882.jpg

ItalianThingFanFest/IMG_0911.jpg ItalianThingFanFest/IMG_0949.jpg

Fausto Ferrante has sent us photos from the First Italian THING Fan Fest, which he intends to make an annual event.  This first one comprised a group of friends but he hopes to see this event grow over the coming years.  The Italian THING Fan Fest has this Facebook page.


Zombie partisan is currently helping a director with his new short film and was asked to come up with simple designs for fake punk bands.  Going with a Thing-based motif, he produced these striking, stylish patches.  You can see more of his work over at his blog.

Crew at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station watching THE THING before a long winter-over.


Outpost #31 license plate!


Dick Warlock (stunt coordinator and Kurt Russell's stunt double in THE THING, as well as the man behind the Michael Myers mask) was recently at the Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis. Fred Christensen sent in these photos of Mr. Warlock along with him posing with his son Bruce.


Outpost #31 Goes To Antarctica!!

     Bob Zook, a radio operator who is going back to McMurdo Station in Antarctica for the summer rotation is bringing a copy of the DVD, video game poster and patch donated by Outpost #31 down to "The Ice". Bob is going to get us exclusive photos with these items in Antarctica. Viewing the film is an annual tradition on the mid-winter solstice, June 21st.

Bob in Antarctica (copyright Bob Zook.) 

The Thing DVD, video game poster (rear), and patch going to McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Byrd Camp, the REAL Outpost #31??

     There has been speculation among peoples who have been stationed in Antarctica that in the most popular movie on "The Ice", the fictional Outpost #31 is actually modeled after Byrd Camp, a remote U.S. outpost. Strange and eerie events have gone on there. The following recounts are by Bob Zook, a radio operator who works at McMurdo over the summer and has been stationed at Byrd Camp. 

     News I have heard on The Ice is that Outpost #31 was contrived from Byrd surface camp located on the West Antarctic ice sheet at 120E 80S. Back in the 60's they wintered small crews there and they had many problems. One year in the eternal darkness of mid-winter Carl Dish wandered into the rec room drunk and called everybody a bunch of unfriendly assholes. He said you can all fuck yourselves I want to go visit my friends at the south pole. Carl then wandered away from camp with one of the dogs never to be seen again. 2 years ago we started a traverse from Byrd camp. We were looking at the sub-surface layers with radar. We all spent hours looking at the radar screen hoping to see that blip that was Carl. But no such luck...

     Byrd camp has a really bad radio hole. One year we went two weeks with out any contact. They finally flew a plane over and we talked on the VHF radios to the plane just so they would know we were ok. They classified it as a SAR Search and Rescue mission even though they didn't land. Byrd camp has by far the most strange stories. Later that same year in McMurdo I stumbled on to an old tape from the TV station recorded in the early 70's. They were doing a weather forecast with the weather person in front of a map of Antarctica. Each stations location had a temperature on the map except Byrd camp it had a question mark. As the weather man worked his way through the camps talking briefly about the temp and weather at each one when he came to Byrd camp he simply said well we haven't heard from them in a while so we don't really know what's going on over there. It's like the place is in a time warp and it leaves the planet for a week or two every now and then.

     It's a strange place. Last year I was on the put-in team. We were the first deep field camp to go in, it was still real early in the summer, maybe too early. The temps were about -40 but the C-130 still landed on the ski-way and as they were still moving when they released our cargo pallets they simply slid out the back of the plane and plopped into the snow. The plane stopped, we got out, and as they kept the engines at about 20% power we were required to set up a tent, start a stove and set up a radio and contact McMurdo. This took about 15min as we had practiced it. With all that good they just waved good-bye and and got the hell out of there. We watched them fly over and waggle their wings then there was nothing...no noise, no sign of the camp, only 2 piles of gear and 5 people bundled up real well standing in the middle of the polar plateau
900 miles from the next living person. We had to find the camp and dig out the buildings. I was scheduled to stay there for 2 weeks but the next plane didn't come for more than 6 weeks! It is a real pretty place in a Kansas sort of way, flat and white in every direction. We each lived in normal tents because the current camp is only big enough for dining and the science equipment. The old camp itself is completely buried under 30 feet of snow.

Bob Zook

THE THING Video Game Store Display
EB Games display for the video game in Orange, CA. Nice work guys!! 

Saucer in the ice homage in ICE AGE

IceAgesaucer.jpg (48063 bytes)


      steveetthing.jpg (38616 bytes)   etthingbottom1.jpg (102840 bytes)   bigetthing.jpg (109960 bytes)


THE THING Drinking Game

1. Every time someone says "MacReady" - Drink 1

2. Every time some one says "Mac" - Drink 2

3. Write your favorite quote down, when it is said - Drink 3

4. When anybody say's "THING"- Drink 1, If you fail
to drink because you weren't paying attention,
taking a leak, etc. - Drink 2

5. Whenever some one dies - Drink 1

6. Whenever some one dies, WHO IS NOT A THING (No debating
FUCHS, he left a human corpse) - Drink 2

7. Whenever PALMER questions WINDOWS humanity - Drink 1

8. Whenever PALMER tokes up - Drink 2

9. Whenever any one THING's out - Drink 1

10. Anytime Mac has a bottle of J&B in his hands - Drink 1

11. Anytime a character mentions "BLOOD," - Drink 1

12. Anytime a character's identity is questioned or a fight breaks out...Drink!


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