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John Carpenter's


The Thing Vs. The Terminator
by Thomas Bisulca

Author’s Notes

     This story is an extended alternate ending for both The Thing and Terminator 2. However, in order for this story some elements in both movies have to be somewhat modified, nothing major of course. The main thing that was changed was that The Terminator did not lose his arm in the battle with the T-1000. The time of the events must also be changed. Since Terminator 2’s events were in 1995, and The Thing 1982, one of them had to change. Due to the plot constraints on T2’s time of events I had to go with the year 1995. That’s it. Enjoy!


Part 1

War of the Ice

The Fiery Aftermaths

"Why don’t we just wait around a while, see what happens." MacReady said, barely able to keep his eyes open. They sat quiet for a while, with only the crackle of the flames to keep them company. Quickly the fires died down, the freezing cold overtook them. When there was only dying embers left of the fire, Childs spoke up.

"So did that mothafucka put up much of a fight?" MacReady plastered what could be called a smile unto his face and replied simply: "You did see the explosion right? I blew that fucker right back to the planet he came from."

Childs also smiled, almost laughed. "Well I don’t know about you Mac, but I don’t plan on freezing here," MacReady sunk down farther and let out a long moan. He took the last swig of his J&B let the bottle drop. It rolled across the camp. "What do you propose we do Childs? I don’t see much choice…"

Childs replied, "The Norwegian camp… we gotta get to the Norwegian camp."

"It’s impossible"

"No it’s not"

"Yes it is"

"No its not"

"Ok, then how do we get there?"

Childs tried to lay down his plan "Doesn’t the Ski-dozer still work, we could-"

"The Ski-Dozer goes an average of 10 miles an hour, Childs. The Norwegian base is about 50 miles away. We don’t have enough gas." Childs snapped "Lemme finish MacReady. There’s about half a tank in there now. I gathered what was left of the petroleum while you went on your suicide bombing, blowing what was left of our chances to hell. Thought we’d need it to burn another one of those things… Now we can use it to get to the camp.

MacReady’s smile grew wider, "I stand corrected Childs. The only problem is I can’t get up,"

"Is it dead?" John asked. "Terminated," The Terminator answered. John pulled out the arm from the first Terminator sent back from time to kill his mother. "Will this melt in there?" Yes, throw it in,"

John reared back and chucked the arm into the boiling molten steel. "Adios" It plopped into the steel with a sickening sound. The Terminator looked at him and added "And the Chip," John took the CPU out of the backpack. He hesitated for a second, then he threw the chip in. "It’s over" murmured Sarah.

"No," admitted the Terminator. "There is one last chip," He pointed at his head. "And it must also be destroyed" He handed Sarah a remote control. "Here, I cannot self terminate. You will have to lower me into the steel,"

"No, No!" John cried. "I’m sorry John, I have to go away," John was persistent "No! You can’t, we’ll find another way" The Terminator did not stop. "There is no other way, John. I must go away." Thinking desperately John asked The Terminator, "Wait, does it matter what type of Neural Net CPU you use? The Terminator looked at him "My Programming is highly sophisticated. It can be downloaded onto any chip dating back to August 21 1989, so long as the chip can hold 5 megabyte of disk space. We do not have access to such a chip.

"Oh yes we do," John pulled out his hacking device. "Will the chip inside here work?" The Terminator took the device and scanned it. As the scan concluded he looked at John and said "Yes, the chips should transfer with minimal bugs. I am copying all data now. I will use the connector cables to connect the chips through my hidden socket and download the data into the chip," The Terminator stuck the connector into the back of his neck and a socket opened up. After several seconds of silence and foreboding, the Terminator finally stated, "The transfer is complete. If you push on the pressure points on both sides of my neck it will open chip storage and the chip will come out the right side of my head. You must switch the chips. I should reboot automatically. If I don’t the procedure has failed," "See you soon," said John

John did exactly as the Terminator said. After the transaction the Terminator was silent. Second after horrifying second they waited. After about 30 seconds The Terminator started to reboot.

John was ecstatic. He clung onto The Terminator like a long lost relative. Even Sarah looked happy to see him fully functional. She asked him this "Is the skin going to regenerate onto you’re endoskeleton?" The Terminator responded, "Yes, in precisely 58 minutes and 43 seconds it should be fully cover..." The Terminator stopped abruptly. The smiles vanished on both John and Sarah’s faces.

Sarah sounded worried again " What happened?" The Terminator said " My long Range sensors have picked up a temporal distortion on your southern-most continent. It is most likely another T-1000 sent back in time.

"Shit!" exclaimed John "Another one? But how? And why in Antarctica" "It was probably a misjump due to an attack on Skynet in the future. We apparently did not stop Skynet from being built. We must head south to you southern-most continent and destroy the T-1000"

"But how are we supposed to get there!" demanded John. "Oh I have a way," Sarah said mysteriously.


The Long Drive

Childs finished filling up the tank with what was left of the gas. MacReady was in the Ski-Dozer, warming up. To their great luck there was a break in the storm. The snow was freezing fast, making it difficult to walk. MacReady had to lean on Childs the entire way to the tractor. He said he couldn’t move. Childs thought he was milking it. He popped open the door to the cab and peered in. MacReady was lying under the emergency blankets that were in the Ski-Dozer.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty, you ok in there?" Childs asked him. MacReady looked up and scoffed. "Yeah, the feeling’s started to come back to my legs. We all filled up?"

Childs got into the driver’s seat of the cab and said. "We should have just enough gas to get to the camp, But its gonna take a while. We’ll have to take turns driving. And if that storm starts up we’re gonna have major problems with the engine freezing up. I’ll have to go out and warm it up with the flamethrower,"

"Well then lets get going Childs! I hope you can fix the generator by the Norwegians, we’re gonna need it," Not responding, Childs attempted to start the motor. Verrrr Verrr Verrr "Come on you stupid piece of shit," Verr Verr Verrooomm "Yes! Ok, we’re off,"

They drove for 15 minutes before the snow started up again. Driving got harder and harder each passing yard. Childs jammed MacReady in the rib. "Get up man, s’your turn to drive," "Damn you Childs," MacReady cursed. The two shakily switched seats. Childs curled up under the blankets and remained motionless. They drove another 15 minutes before the engine froze again. "Its gunna take us forever to get to that damn camp," MacReady said, his voice shaking. "Better than freezing though ain’t it? You quit you’re whining, get the hell out there and warm the engine up. Still you’re turn to drive," snapped Childs.

MacReady open the cab door an inch and snow burst into the cab. He quickly closed the door again. Childs jumped. "What the fuck?"

"I can’t go out there Childs, the flamethrower wont do shit in that storm, we’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll dies down. "So much for a nights drive," Childs sighed. They spent the night 5 miles away from Outpost#31, sleeping in shifts, until the morning. There were emergency rations, but neither dared to eat them until they were starving.

The next day, the storm did die down. The world was more tranquil then it had been for the whole winter. Childs went out to look at the motor. Even though MacReady couldn’t here it through the Antarctic triple-paned glass, he could tell Childs was cursing severely. When Childs opened the cabin door he told MacReady "The ice is heavier than I thought. Its gunna take me half a day to get it out of the engine, so get out and help me,"

Sheet after sheet of ice came of the internal parts of the Ski-Dozer. When it was all gone MacReady said, "All right let’s go before we get hit with another storm," They drove for a half hour in silence, the only sound being the motor. Childs was paying attention to driving. MacReady was looking out the left side window. He was about to ask Childs if he was hungry and open a can of mixed fruits, when something caught his eye. In the distance he saw something shimmering. It seemed to be getting closer. He thought he was seeing things until he could fully make it out. His mouth went dry and popped open. Once he could gather enough strength he shouted to Childs "Holy Shit Childs! I think I see a chopper!"


Battle on the Snow

John, Sarah, and The Terminator had just begun their flight over Antarctica. Sarah sat back and reminisced over the past 2 days. They had used her link of friends to get themselves all the way down to southern South America. There they met someone who supplied them with a 6-seated Helicopter with an attached Vulcan Cannon. It’s design was similar to a Huey. It was not a humble chopper. The seats were set up 2 seats in 3 rows with a closet and bed towards the back. They would be ferried to Antarctica on his ship and take off from there. Once again The Terminator and John took up weapons detail. They were able to get their hands on 50 sticks of dynamite, 2 Portable Flamethrowers, 4 M16’s, 3 Ak-47’s, 2 scatter- shotguns, 3 mp5’s, and 5 Colt 1911’s.

It was a bright Antarctic day when they took off. Once off the boat and airborne, The Terminator took the controls. John watched over his shoulder. They flew for a long time in silence. "Hey watch it looks like a storm is coming up," The Terminator replied, "I can see in near white-out conditions, There are ruins of some type of base ahead of us. It is most likely an outpost the T-1000 came across trying to get off the continent" "Oh shit, it’s been leveled," said Sarah astonished. John, in panic asked, "We’re not stopping are we? It could be still down there. You’re sensors might be malfunctioning since we changed chips," The Terminator agreed, " My sensors are not malfunctioning, but you are right. We should keep on our present course," Everyone started to settle back in.

"Well how far away are we anyway?" Sarah inquired, "We’ve been flying for half a day now" "My sensors indicate 4 more hours of flying" The Terminator continued intent on his piloting. "Ah, Shit I don’t think I can take four more hours of this- hold on... oh my god! There’s something drivin’ down there!"

Sarah opened her eyes again "Go towards them, they might be survivors!" "No Problemo," The Terminator replied. The helicopter closed in on them. Within minutes they were in close range. "You should land right next to them," Sarah shouted. The Terminator landed 50 feet from the tractor. There were 2 men who got out. One was carrying a flamethrower, the other a handgun. The Terminator jumped out with one of the M16’s and Sarah with an MP5. "John stay in the Chopper, we don’t know who these people are," She told him.

The one carrying the handgun spoke first "Hello there. I’m MacReady, this here is Childs, Who the hell are you?" Sarah spoke "I’m Sarah Connor, in the chopper over there is my son John Conner," She pointed to John and he waved slightly from the window. Sarah continued, "I take it you’re from the ruined research camp?"

"Yeah, what are you doing here, and who’s that guy" questioned the one, named Childs, pointing at the Terminator. " It’s a long story. Maybe you should explain first," MacReady smiled "Ok lady, I will. It started when…" BOOM! They all turned around.

A Writhing group of tentacles came out of the snow with the mutated head of a lizard not far behind. They snatched out at MacReady and Childs but were too short. "Holy shit!" Macready screamed "Burn it Childs, burn it!" The Terminator immediately opened fire on the Creature. Bullets ripped through the soft flesh of the tentacles. Gore, blood and pieces of the creature flew everywhere. The Creature’s head itself was spawning wriggling, writhing tentacles. A chest became visible from above the snow. An opening opened up in the middle of its chest and squirted out a highly corrosive acid. I landed next to Sarah’s feet and burned through several feet of snow. She opened fire also. "Are you deaf Childs? TORCH IT!" MacReady screamed. Childs let the flamethrower rip. In a split second the Creature was covered in flames. It roared in pain and disappeared under the ice. Sarah screamed out "What the Fuck was that," A larger, flaming tentacle burst out of the snow again. It reached out and managed to grab Childs. "AHHHHHHHHH Mother Fucker!" Childs was pulled under the snow severely burned, just before another explosion followed as the napalm in his flamethrower tank exploded. The explosion was quite large. Sarah and MacReady dropped down on the ground and covered their heads.

"Damnit, Childs!!" MacReady screamed, "That Mother Fucker killed Childs!" MacReady fired the rest of his shots into the burning holes, and then threw the gun. John came running out of the chopper "Holy shit, what was that?" Sarah looked over at John "John! I told you to stay in the chopper," She pushed him towards it. "We should all get inside," suggested MacReady. "Its not safe here," "All right lets go everyone in," ordered Sarah. MacReady, Sarah, John, and the Terminator returned to the chopper and took off.


The Talks

They were silent for a few minutes while The Terminator got high enough in the air to avoid any more attacks. Sarah finally spoke up "All right, now that that’s taken care of, you mind telling us what the hell is going on?" MacReady started to tell them his entire story, starting for that faithful day when an Antarctic husky came running into camp. "There was a chopper chasing it. And a man leaning out shooting at it. We thought for sure they had gone crazy. The dog ran over to us. When they landed, it looked like one of them had dropped a grenade, and the chopper blew up. The survivor had a high-powered rifle. He shouted something in Norwegian, or Swedish or something at us but we couldn’t understand what. Franticly he shot at the dog. What he hit, was Bennings. Garry, the station manager shot the Norwergian and killed him. Bennings was fine, the doc stitched em up real good. Garry wanted the Doc and me to check out the Norwegian camp. Long ride short, we arrived at the Camp and found it only partially intact. Smoke was billowing from it and we found that the death toll was high. I’m talkin’ everyone. There were obvious signs of a struggle of course. As we were heading back to the chopper something caught our eye. It was some kind of burnt corpse. It’s impossible to describe what it looked like, so I’m not going to try. We took it back to our camp with us. Blair, our biologist dissected the creature. The same night I heard strange noises coming from the kennel. I pulled the fire alarm to try and get the rest of the guys up. I went to grab a shotgun, and came back to the kennels with Bennings, Garry, and Norris. Clark, out dog keeper was standing there. "I don’t know what’s in there, but it’s weird and pissed off whatever it is," I sent Bennings to go get Childs. As we got closer the rest of the guys came in. There was one of those things in there, resembling a dog. The Norwegian dog actually. Their faces were filled with horror, especially once they saw what the creature was doing to the dogs. Tentacles wrapped around what was left of them as it tried to finish assimilating them. That was all I needed to see. Garry and me opened fire on it. The Thing was highly resistant to bullets. That’s when Childs came in with the flamethrower. I told him to torch it. He did just in time, otherwise it would of got him. As soon as it cooled down we sent it to the dissection labs, and Blair took a look at it. He told us the nature of it. That it was trying to imitate the dogs, or infect them. So instead of being one dog that can change into virtually anything, we’d have six. I guess we were all a little edgy during that time. We were going to take all the alien corpses and lock em up. I was taking some stuff out of the storage room and Fuchs; another one of our biologists came over and said he wanted to talk to me. He had found some of Blair’s notes and showed them to me. They were pretty uninteresting until he said they weren’t dead yet. There was still cellular activity within the bodies. This is why they were so resistant to bullets. They’re basically many organisms working as one. If you kill several million of them with a bullet they will re-assimilate the cells almost instantly. The only way we had to kill them was a flamethrower. Even then you have to douse it good. If even one cell survives it will re-assimilate its burnt ashes. There’s really no ways to kill it accept maybe, I don’t know, a biological weapon. Anyway, me and Fuchs just went outside when Windows the radioman came running towards us screaming "Its Bennings!" We ran to the storeroom but he was nowhere to be seen. As we were walking out we saw someone running across the camp. I pulled the fire-alarm again as we chased it down. The rest of the group joined up with us as we crowded around the crouching body. Its head looked up and it looked just like the Bennings we all knew. That was before we saw the big ass claws. It scared the shit out of all of us. I lit a flare and dumped a fuel tank near him, then threw the flare at it. The Alien burnt to a crisp. That’s when it hit us. This thing could be anyone. It could be our closest friend or worst enemy. It could be our boss. Our coworker. Everyone got a little bit of ‘Is my neighbor who he appears to be?’ paranoia that night. Everyone formed their own opinions on who’s who,"

MacReady was silent for a few minutes. Then he continued telling them of the events that took place on and Antarctic research camp known as Outpost# 31. Twice John broke down. Just hearing about some things that happened that week, the horrible deaths, the feeling of isolation was enough to send tears down his eyes twice. The first time MacReady kept going as it was nothing. The second time he said, "Y’know maybe this is a little to much for the kid, we could go back in the chopper and I can tell you the rest," "No," Sarah insisted "He has to here this," As MacReady finished his story all was silent for a while. Sarah finally spoke up "In the entire time you’ve told your story you’ve made my son cry twice, my eyes started to tear up myself. Yet I’ve been watching you and your eyes haven’t even clouded up once. That kind of attitude towards events could be your greatest ally. But if you’re not careful it could destroy you," With that she got up and went to lay down in the bed in the back of the chopper. MacReady leaned back stroked his beard and muttered to himself "Where’s the J&B when you really need it,"

They flew for 10 more minutes in another pocket of silence. When someone spoke again it was MacReady "Hey kid sorry about before," John looked up "Nah, its ok I just got something in my eye… twice… sorry about all your friends," MacReady put on a confused look "Friends? No, none of them were really my friends. Some of them were decent people, like Norris and Doctor Copper. But some of them were real bastards like Palmer. I didn’t like Childs that much either. "Childs?" John seemed confused. "Then why were you with Childs when you came out of that tractor thing," MacReady laughed "Kid, if you were ever stranded on the bottom of the world, with very few people you can trust, you’ll be amazed with who you work with. As long as their human," "So anyway we’re going to need some heavy weaponry, you bring any guns with you?"

John chuckled "Oh, you’re serious! C’mon follow me," John brought him to the closet in the back of the chopper and opened it. "Holy shit!" cried MacReady "You got enough here to rob Fort Knox," MacReady grabbed a Scatter-shotgun and a box of 20 shells, a flamethrower with 2 cans of napalm, and 1 colt 1911 with 4 clips.

They sat back down in their seats again. This time John sat directly next to MacReady. MacReady spoke up, "So what’re you doing here?" With that John launched into the story of the first terminator that came back in time to kill his mother, and about the T-1000 that tried to kill HIM recently. MacReady was nothing short that astounded "Wow…. I suppose you don’t have any proof," John looked over at the Terminator and said "Stop the chopper here," The Terminator did as instructed and landed, but without turning off the engine. John whipped out a pocketknife and spoke the simple words "Show him," The Terminator used the knife to remove then skin around his middle finger, and handed it back to John. MacReady looked at John, who was wearing a big smile, to The Terminator who was staring blankly like normal. He suddenly broke into a large, long, hearty, laugh. "This has been the most fucked up week of my life," The Terminator spoke up. "I am losing the T-1000 due to a storm on sensors, however I am detecting a partially intact Antarctic outpost nearby- I am picking up signs of life. None human," "Head towards it! That’s the Norwegian camp I’ve been talking about," The Terminator did nothing. John nodded towards the Terminator and ordered, "Do it," "Lemme guess, you control him right," questioned MacReady. "Every move…" MacReady started laughing again "This just keeps getting better and better,"


Into the Beast’s Lair

"We are within two miles of the camp," Sarah walked back up from the back of the chopper John started "Mom, we…" " I know," Sarah interrupted "I heard everything, why are we stopping here?" MacReady said "Me and Childs were originally heading towards it because we needed somewhere to stay the winter. But that’s the last place the things can be hiding. We have to kill them all," Sarah looked agitated "Look, pal we came to this frozen hell because there was a shape shifting robot we need to kill, not to mop of some microscopic aliens for you,"

"You’re not listening to me are you?" MacReady was starting to get agitated as well, "These Things get out, and it’s the end of the world in a matter of months. You wouldn’t be able to trust anyone. These things must die first, then your damn robot!"

Sarah sat quiet for a minute. When she finally spoke she said, "All right, we’ll go after you’re aliens first," She lowered her voice to a whisper "But no one better die," John tapped The Terminator on the shoulder "Hey, what did she say?" The Terminator quoted Sarah exactly "But no one better die," Sarah sighed in exasperation "All right land this thing and we’ll check out this camp arm yourselves," Sarah took an Mp5 and a Colt 1911 from the closet. The Terminator took 2 m16’s, 2 mp5’s, the other flamethrower and 2 Colt 1911’s. "We should get inside, it looks like a storm is starting up. But we gotta keep and eye on the chopper too otherwise they’ll destroy it on us," advised MacReady. "Hey what about the kid, does he get a pistol or something," "Hmmm," Sarah was thinking hard. "Not this time John," Even The Terminator could tell John was somewhat disappointed at this. "Wait," MacReady stopped. He went to the back of the chopper and grabbed the fire extinguisher. "Here take this," He handed it to John "We’ll need it,"

The night was settling in as MacReady opened the door and headed for the door to the camp. It wasn’t a long walk, but every step was filled with fear and foreboding. Once they got to the door (the same door MacReady and the Doc entered), MacReady and The Terminator to opposite sides of it. MacReady opened it, and The Terminator pulled guns at the door. As they walked in they saw the first room was a mess. Luckily enough there were no bodies in the room. MacReady decided they should stop here. "We need to stop here and secure the area for the night. Once we get some sleep we can explore what’s left of the camp. The Terminator stood guard all night. He was the only one who witnessed the storm starting up again. When they all finally woke up John said groggily "Shit, its like that blizzard up in Alaska multiplied by 10," "Try living in this all winter, kid," MacReady groaned him. The Terminator said to them "I must go check on the chopper, I will be back in 5 minutes," With that he walked outside into the raging storm.

"We should wait here till he gets back," Sarah advised. Bump.Bump. There was a noise coming from the door. Everyone jumped onto his or her feet. MacReady motioned for them to stay back. He inched slowly toward the door. Bump.Bump. Slowly he inched for the doorknob and opened it. The door swung open and MacReady, Shotgun in hand, was exposed to whatever was behind it. He saw nothing. " Stay on the ground and be quiet," No one argued. He passed through the doorway. Something jumped down from the ceiling in front of him. "Shit!" It was worse looking than the other one, partly because it was more human. Remains of a head still clung to shoulders, but the rest of the body was more of a large beetle. BAM. MacReady fired off a shot and the Creature fell down. He slung the shotgun over his shoulder and took out the flamethrower. He backed away through the door way and fired. As soon as he pulled the trigger the creature had a claw burst through its chest and grab at MacReady, it missed. In a couple of seconds the creature stopped moving and succumbed to the burning. "Kid! Get over here with that fire extinguisher!" John ran over and sprayed down the alien corpse.

"All right, man way to fry an alien," John yelled. Even Sarah was impressed "Nice work," MacReady took a minute to catch his breath. When he did he asked Sarah "Still think these microscopic aliens aren’t anything to worry about?"


War of the Species

The Terminator walked into the back into the camp. "The Chopper is fully functional and undamaged… You killed another alien while I was surveying the chopper," "yeah, that’s pretty much it," MacReady said, The Terminator scanned the charred remains. "I detect no more cellular activity," "Good ‘cause this is the last of this canister," He switched canisters and let the empty one drop to the floor.

"How many more in-human life forms do you detect?" MacReady inquired. The Terminator began another sensor scan. "4, 1 outside on the opposite side of the complex," "Shit, we can’t let it get to the chopper," MacReady shook his head. "I will go out and terminate it," volunteered the Terminator. "All right, but you’ll need some tips. Use your m16’s to push it back and maybe knock it down. Then use the flamethrower to waste it. Make sure every cell is dead," The Terminator nodded, and departed out the door.

"The rest of us should get going. We need to find those things and kill them before get out," "Hold on just a minute MacReady. I’m not standing by while you put my us in any more danger. As soon as The Terminator comes back from killing that thing, we leave. I’ve had it with this," If Sarah was angry, MacReady was pissed. "How ‘bout you hold on for a minute, Connor. I’m sorry if you and your kid don’t want to face these things. Do you think I wanna be here right now. Believe me, I’d rather be back in my shack by Outpost#31 getting drunk, but it’s not going to happen. Whether you want to face up to it or not: If you walk away from here, humanity is dead. In the near future instead of your not going to be fighting a battle against Skynet you’ll be fighting these things, and you will not win. Is this opening your eyes? You can’t beat these things. You just can’t. You get that through your fu-…"

"Guys! I think we need to be a little more in control here ok?" John tried to calm both of them down "Mom, he’s right. We gotta put an end to these things," Sarah was quiet for a minute. They could tell she was debating something. She finally said, "Ok, but I want you to help me look over John," MacReady nodded "No problem. Everyone has to keep and eye out. If you see anything at all, yell,"

The 3 of them started walking down the main hall, John in the middle. It was the same hall Doc Copper and MacReady had walked down when they got to the Norwegian camp. John couldn’t explain it, but he felt very comfortable with this MacReady guy, even though he met him only a day ago. MacReady stopped at the end. "Before we go in, there should be a body in a chair. You might want to leave the room,"

With that he opened the door to the room the Doc and him found the frozen Norwegian in. Once John saw it his eyes bulged and he look down on the floor. His mom patted him on the back "Look away John," John did just that. MacReady approached the corpse. He shouldered the shotgun and took out the flamethrower. Sarah watched horrified as MacReady chipped a piece of frozen blood off he dropped it on the floor. He held the lighter flame in to the blood. Slowly it melted into liquid form again. He warmed up a piece of metal he found on the ground and stuck it in the blood. The blood jumped off the floor and started running away. The horrified looks on Sarah and John’s faces were only matched with the look on the faces on the men back at Outpost#31 when they saw the Dog-Thing. "Shit its infected," MacReady concluded. He burned the blood, and the turned the flamethrower on the frozen Corpse. After 2 seconds of dousing and 30 seconds of burn time, he called John over to extinguish the flames. "1 down 3 to go,"

They stopped at the next door. MacReady opened it. The room looked like it was never touched since MacReady entered the last time. It was a room filled with a hollowed out ice block. "My god, what the hell did they do here?" Sarah asked? MacReady explained, "This is where we thought the Norwegians released one of those Things. We found a similar hole near the alien spacecraft," "Space craft?" John recited puzzled. One wall faced the outside, and they could here the storm. John looked a little overwhelmed. Sensing this MacReady suggested, "Maybe we should wait here for a while," Sarah and John agreed. John plopped onto the floor near a wall. Resting his head on the wall, he listened. Bam bam bam bam. "Shit, hey you guys get over here," John shouted. MacReady and Sarah jogged over. "What’s up John?" Sarah questioned. "Shhh! Listen!" John shushed them. Bam.Bam.Bam. "Sounds like you’re buddy," MacReady whispered. The sound stopped. John look nervous "I hope he’s winning," "I think we all do John," Sarah tried to reassure him.

MacReady patted John on the back. "Come on lets go, we can’t stay in one place too long…" CRASH. It’s almost safe to say the door exploded at that time. 2 creatures burst through. Both resembled humans with slight differences in features.

The first Creature had no head, but a huge open mouth similar to a venus fly trap. It had no mammal-like legs either, but 4 spider-like legs. Scythe-like claws come out where there should be hands. It had visible eyes in its torso, and another mouth under it. The Second Creature looked like a cross between a mammal and an insect. There was a head resembling a mantis, so did the torso and arms. The figure stopped at the torso and made a strange, hard, circular hips, that extended 2 feet out in back of it where there were 2 human legs supporting it with 2 in the front.

"Oh god, the worst of them all," Sarah sounded sick. MacReady passed the shotgun to Sarah and said, "Use this, stay back there kid, make sure none of them hit you or you might get infected," MacReady started the flamethrower. The flamethrower roared but no flame came out. "Oh, Fuck not again! Hold ‘em off while I fix this!" The Creatures were moving forward. Fast. Sarah opened fire with the shotgun. Boom! The first shot hit the second creature and shattered the legs. The legs dropped off. The Creature begun growing new ones in place of the old ones. MacReady’s misfiring continued. Sarah kept firing. Boom! The next shot hit the first creature in the torso and blood spurted everywhere. Boom! The third shot hit the first one in a spider leg doing no visible damage. The first creature grabbed the shotgun using its flytrap mouth. Sarah did not let go of the shotgun. She pulled the trigger again. Boom! The head into 4 and Sarah went flying across the room hitting the corner of the wall 10 feet from John. "Mom!" John screamed and ran over to her. MacReady finally got the flamethrower working. He let her rip all over the 2 creatures. "Ahahahaha I got you bastards now!" The Creatures went into burning spasms and died while running across the room. "Kid, help me with these fires!" John didn’t move from his mother’s side. "Kid come on or the camp will be in flames!" John didn’t move "Fuck!" MacReady ran over to the extinguisher and tried to extinguish both fires. It was tough but he managed to put it all out with some extensive damage.

He walked over to John and Sarah. Sarah was speaking softly to John. MacReady tapped John on the back "All right John, I need you to step away from her, now," John was suspicious "Wait, what are you going to do," "Don’t worry, if you’re Mom’s still human we’ll find out in a few minutes but you need to step away. Now!" John walked behind MacReady. MacReady explained how he was going to test her. "Now I’m going to take a sample of her blood and stick a heated metal wire into it. If there’s a reaction you’re mom is dead, and that is an imitation, understand,"

John nodded, a tear coming down his face. MacReady took out a Clark’s pocketknife and made a half-inch incision in her shoulder. A small amount of blood dropped onto the floor, because he had nothing to put it in. "Put pressure on it," MacReady advised. Sarah did so. "Now step away towards the other wall," she did. "Ok, ready," said MacReady solemnly. He finished heating the wire and placed it an inch from the blood. He dropped the wire…. nothing happened. "Phew…." came from everyone’s mouth. John ran over to Sarah and started making sure she was ok. Then they started hugging each other. "Oh my god I thought you were dead," MacReady heard. They kept talking to each other for a while. MacReady started to check the flamethrower, but that was only to hide the smile that was stuck on his face.

Suddenly the smile vanished from MacReady’s face. "Shh. did you here that," BOOM! The Terminator crashed through the outside wall mp5’s blazing. It looked like he was thrown through. He land on his back. "I could use some help here," A few seconds later they all saw how he was thrown. A 13 foot creature ran into the room after him. The figure was humanoid, with 2 long, multi colored legs with long raptor claws. The arms were replaced by bands of long tentacles. The head was still human. It was one of the Norwegian occupants.

"Holy shit it’s huge!" John said astonished. "John, stay by the door," Sarah cried. John ran towards the door on the opposite side of the room. "Get clear, Connor!" Sarah got out of the flamethrower range. The creature tried to get at the Terminator MacReady pulled the trigger and a large streak of flame hit the creature. This creature proved quite flame resistant. I had a hard metal like shell on some parts of its body. It took 3 seconds of douse time to start a flame. The burning creature started running uncontrollably

"Everyone RUN! NOW!" They all ran into the hallway, and headed to the room they entered the camp in. 2 seconds later, the alien crashed through the wall entering the hallway and tried to chase him down. Sarah, who was running behind everyone, took out the shotgun and fire two shots at the creature. The shots knocked the creature down. And it did not get back up. "We can’t extinguish something that size," MacReady yelled over the flames "So lets get the fuck out here before the whole camp goes!"

They were all at the door leading out when The Terminator said "Hold on to something on me and don’t let go," They all grabbed onto somewhere on his jacket. He opened the door and started to lead them back to the chopper. John and Sarah didn’t think they’d make it to the chopper. They were used to the L.A. weather. Once they got there they jumped in immediately.

"S-s-h-h-it, it’s c-c-c-cold out there" John was shaking out of his skin. Sarah wasn’t much better. The Terminator wasn’t moving, as usual. "Heh" MacReady scoffed "Used to that Florida weather huh?" "L.A." Sarah corrected. "Whatever," MacReady shrugged "How the hell are we supposed to get airborne in this weather?" The Terminator repeated, "I can pilot in near white-out conditions," "T-t-hen get to it lets get the h-h-ell out of here" John said. MacReady laughed "Hey kid you sure you don’t want to stay?" John shot him a look.

The Terminator reported in "I’m detecting the T-1000 on sensors near the rubble of the first outpost we flew past along with several humans and 3 aliens," "Shit! That’s Outpost#31," "Well, lets get over there and check it out," Sarah said.


Above Outpost#31


While they were flying the blizzard calmed down a lot. They were close enough to see the burned complex. There appeared to be 1 heavily armed military Chinook chopper. "Give us a slow rotation around the err… complex, and lower us a little," Sarah said. They were 30 feet in the air. "Those are soldiers…." MacReady realized. "There’s the T-1000!" John yelled "He’s motioning towards 3 of the men" Who were each carrying clear cylindrical thing with something inside it. "Oh my god!" MacReady yelled astonished "They’re taking some of the creatures back with them!" The soldiers loaded the tubes onto the Chinook and got in. The rest followed, leaving footprints deep in the snow. Both choppers took off. The Chinook went off in the opposite direction. "It’s getting away!" Sarah screamed. "I need to operate the Vulcan Cannon," The Terminator told them "Does anyone know how to pilot this aircraft?" "Yeah I’ll do it," volunteered MacReady. The Terminator got up, and the helicopter started plunging towards the snow. "SHIT" John and Sarah both screamed. MacReady grabbed the controls and stabilized the chopper "What the fuck is wrong with you?" "Just drive," said the Terminator.

The Terminator took the controls for the Vulcan and aimed it at the Chinook. "Don’t, we’re no match for that chopper!" The Terminator stood down. The Chinook got away, and they could not catch up with it. "Did anyone catch the company logo on the side of the Chinook?" Sarah asked. "I did," said John "It was Gen Inc." Sarah thought for a minute "Gen Inc. is a company in L.A.,"

The Terminator pieced together what had happened "The T-1000 mis-jump in Antarctica must not have been a mistake. Somehow, Skynet learned of The Alien in the future. They sent the T-1000 to convince the humans into keeping them for research until Skynet was built. Then they could use them as weapons," "How far can we get on what’s left of our gas?" Sarah asked "Back to the ship," The Terminator responded. "Well John, MacReady, looks like we’re going back to L.A."

"Why’d don’t you take the controls," MacReady said "I haven’t slept in 4 days," The Terminator got out of the turret and manned the helicopter controls. MacReady got up and stumbled towards the bed in the back. He didn’t even have time to fall asleep before he heard "Son of a Bitch!" from Sarah. MacReady dragged himself up to the front again. "What the fuck’s going on now?" He saw right through the right window. An Antarctic military copter was coming towards them at a fast speed. It was an unarmed chopper but there was a soldier with a rifle (The same model as Norwegian’s rifle). He was firing at the chopper. 5 bullets pelted the sides of the chopper’s hull, and the military copter flew right over them. "The cannon has been disabled by one of their shots," The Terminator Shouted. "Just pilot the chopper," MacReady said. He went towards the back and opened the arms closet. Ha grabbed an M16. Chk-chk MacReady made sure it was loaded and ready, went to left chopper door and opened it.

The Enemy chopper hadn’t turned around yet. MacReady took this chance to fire. About half the magazine was gone with no change in the hull. "That Damn thing’s bullet proof!" The Enemy chopper was finally far away enough to turn around. The man began firing again. MacReady closed the door just in time to avoid a hail of bullets hitting the door. Three hit the glass but it didn’t break it. "Everyone down!" MacReady yelled. He fired back after he opened the door and hit the man firing at the chopper. The Soldier fell out…. really far down. The Enemy chopper flew over them again. MacReady went over to the other side and opened the door. He emptied the rest of the clip into the chopper as it flew away. It did not come back. He slammed the m16 into the closet, and yelled out "There, maybe NOW I can sleep!" Sarah and John both flinched. MacReady fell asleep before his head hit the pillow.



To Be Continued…



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