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John Carpenter's


THE THING VS. ALIENS VS. PREDATOR                                    
By Troy McFadden

Chapter One

They were headed to LV-1105, a planet which had been colonized for 20
years. In the last few years Marine squads had been dispatched to
distant planets, sometimes none come back, sometimes a few. The
Colonial Marines were becoming a bit suspicious of these so called
“rescue” missions. They were told that they had lost contact with the
colony and that there should be nothing to worry about. Their
commanding officer, Lieutenant Arnold Calfer, thought better and
stocked their armory up with their normal weapons as well as more
heavy equipment, not to mention the fact that he stocked enough ammo
to sink the Old Titanic wreck. Their armory consisted of combat knifes,
M4A4 Pistols, Shotguns, M-4A1 Pulse Rifles, M-240 Flame-throwers,
M-56 Smartguns, M-92 Grenade Launchers, M-6B Rocket Launchers,
WY-102 Sniper Rifles and M-90 Miniguns. They were also told to take
the special equipment they had. Which was Motion Trackers, Hacking
Devices, Welding Torches, Night Vision, Shoulder Lamps, Flares and
the new Sentry guns. The squad of twelve marines, a pilot, a CO-pilot,
who also wheeled any stuff you asked for from the Dropship to where
ever he was told to put it. There was also a Synthetic, an android, on
board, who acted as their back up medical officer and person to do jobs
or study things which might be hazardous to human. The squad were
Americans, except for Dan Mathews, who was an Australian and joined
the Colonial Marines because he wanted to travel to other planets. The
squad was Lieutenant Arnold Calfer, Sergeant Alfred Ashmen, Corporal
Dan Mathews, who was their expert demolitionist and weapons
specialist, Corporal Lana Red, who was their medic, Private Ash
Morard, Private Matt Lewmen, Private Lawrence Kelso, Private Ricky
Meyer, Private Cindy Trefor, Private Brock Ketchmen, Private Harry
Moore, Private Don Welford, Flight Sergeant Jade McFerson, Flight
Corporal Dave Hammond and Mark, the Synthetic. They were all in
stasis, the freeze tubes as some marines called them. They woke up and
there were people whining about how bad the look and feel and the
amount they are being paid. They got up and there were jokes all around
as they ate their meal. “What’s the point of this journey, Sarge?” asked
Don Welford. Their Sergeant swallowed his food and a big grin
appeared on his face. “We’re rescuing some juicy colonist’s daughter’s
from their virginity”, the big Sergeant joked. They all started laughing.
They finished their food and assembled in the mechanic’s bay. “OK,
Listen up”, The Lieutenant said. “This is a check up mission. The colony
hasn’t radioed back in about a month now. They could be any number of
reasons. A downed transmitter to little green men with lasers. We don’t
know, but we intend to find out. I’ve adequately armed us so don’t be
afraid. Do your job and we will be OK. I want everyone’s gear prepped
in about four hours. That is 1400 hours Earth time. We are taking normal
gear. Two of each of the special weapons will be left on the Dropship,
the rest on the normal ship. Everyone move out.” All the Marines ran off
to prep their gear. They were all ready and piled into the APC. The
Dropship dropped out of the main vessel and dropped towards the target
planet. Little did they know that the danger below would be so great that
the long friendships and trust developed over many years would be gone
in a matter of weeks.

2 weeks before...

The Predator commander, Astirani, glared at the screen of the planet
they were headed towards. There was a human colony there. He and the
army of Predators he was traveling with were going to go human
hunting. Astirani kind of hated this kind of fighting tactics. While
humans had many weapons of mass destruction, they in most cases were
inadequately armed in a sense. Astirani preferred a standup fight against
a equal or better opponent. Still, he had to do this type of fighting. They
were gliding in when an alarm sounded. An asteroid had knocked the
engines out. Their ship would protect the occupants, but the ship would
never fly again. “Oh well,” Astirani thought. “We’ll just steal one of the
human’s spacecraft.” They crashed and the ship was half buried. The
Predators piled out and began to explore the surrounding area.

A single alien egg had made it to the planet, surviving the crash of the
ship which carried it. To it, it was lucky that it was found, but unlucky
to the colonist who found it. He was brought back to the science colony
and the alien burst out of his chest. It escaped and made it’s home in the
Atmosphere Processing Plant. It was a Queen. It quickly produced
FaceHugger eggs and soon it had a formidable army. There were many
different parts to the humans colony. They were all separate. There were
the Science colony, the Military base colony, the Atmosphere Processing
colony, the Spaceport colony which was near the Science and
Atmosphere Processing Colonies and the Civilian colony. The Queen’s
army of Face-huggers, Drones and Praetorian Guards soon took over the
Spaceport colony, Atmosphere Processing Plant, Atmosphere Processing
colony and Science colony. The surviving colonies barricaded
themselves in and they aliens were always beaten back. The humans sent
patrols out almost all getting taken by the Predator army or the Alien
army. But one patrol came back and the safe protected feeling the
humans had was soon changed as something killed and imitated them
one by one. The Predator army soon became aware of the Alien’s
presence. But the “Things” weren’t yet known to the Predators or
Aliens. The Thing was the most dangerous, most unpredictable, most
sneaky of the four species.

The “Thing” had also crashed on the desolate planet millions of years
ago. It had found the planet to be lifeless, so it hid and waited. Soon it
was awoken and it saw a man standing with his back turned to it. He was
letting out a yellow liquid. The Thing waited until he was finished they it
attacked him. Taking him out quickly before he could discharge his
weapon. The Thing assimilated him and he went back to his unit. He
took them one by one. They returned and soon took the whole base. The
Things found that assimilating Aliens were impossible and if a Thing did
manage to assimilate a Alien it would be taken out by either of the three
other species. The Predators were also just as hard. So the Things stay
taking humans. They sealed themselves and waited for more people to
come. They knew they would come, they just had to wait and survive.
The Marines landed on the planet near the Civilian Colony. They
searched room by room. One room showed about 40 signals inside. They
burst into the room guns ready. They soon lowered their weapons when
they saw it was only colonists. They all the colonists started shaking.
Their limbs burst apart and changed, bodies split. They were all
morphing into something different. “WHAT THE FUCK?”, Private Don
Welford, who was on the very left of the group, shouted. They stopped
shaking and started moving towards the marines. “OPEN FIRE”, the
Lieutenant ordered. The marines obeyed without hesitation. Smartguns
chattered noisily, Pulse Rifles spat hot, 10mm caseless, light-tipped
explosive round death. The bullets had no apparent effect. “Flame-units
up front now”, Corporal Dan Mathews shouted. “Crouch down, and
open fire when they get into flame distance. Don, launch a couple of
grenades into those barstards on the left”. Don launched two grenades.
They took out some small things. Dan did the same. He destroyed two
human sized things. There were about 32 left. The Things moved
forward, ignoring their comrade’s fate. The marines opened fire. The
Things burned easily. The marines moved forward, completely dousing
every one of the mutated colonists in hot flame. They stopped and put
out the fires. “OK, Let’s just pour the gas from our flame throwers all
over this room and torch it”, said the shocked Lieutenant. They pour
petrol everywhere and stood back. Dan used a flame-thrower to ignite
the fuel. It burned brightly, hotly, burning everything in the room away.
They gave it a few minutes to burn then welded the door completely

“Look, I say we bug out now, before we end up like one of those things”,
said Private Don Welford.
“No, we have a shitload of guns, we can kill those things,” replied their
“What about those stories of those things that jump on your face, then
burst out your chest and grow and kill everyone. Or those ones that are 
invisible and
kill you and cut off your head as a trophy”, Don replied. Most of the
Marines were too shocked to say anything. “Those a just stories, and
besides, if they were real, they all would of killed each other by now if
they were here,” replied Corporal Dan Mathews.
“OK, I believe you,” the Private replied. Little did they know that Dan
was wrong, very wrong. All four species were alive and the war of four
species was about to begin.


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