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John Carpenter's



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Dan sends us this this drawing of The Thing in space, with the soldier taken from a Mass Effect game character.



Some terrific Thing-related and inspired pieces by Rhyn WIlliams.




mythology1 has produced these superb character montages.  His DeviantART page can be found here.



Jean-François Berreville has sent us two more carefully-deduced depictions of monsters from Carpenters movie, here stages of the Kennel Thing.



Gareth Barrington has sent us these two versions of his Splitface Thing.


MadArtistJOC/thething_by_madartistjoc-d5z0ir0.png weird__amp__pissed_off_by_madartistjoc-d62bh00.png

James O. Cunningham/MADARTISTJOC.deviantart.com sent us these great, original Thing-inspired artworks.



Mike Fiend has created this cool and handy animated GIF of Blair's computer simulation. Mike writes:

"This was all achieved on a 486/33 IBM clone PC using Microsoft paintbrush and MS Gif animator. No other software or hardware was required. I did this work maybe 15 years ago as a labor of love, and as an early test (in technique) for some other web animations I worked on. I just wanted to see if the same quality of animation could be replicated cheaply by a fan with a personal computer and a lot of spare time to waste. (Ha Ha!!!)

I used a video capture card in my pc (used primarily to watch television) to grab still frames from a videotaped copy of the film. These still shots were saved as bitmap images (*.bmp). Using a technique known as "key frame animation".  I meshed those screen grabs together, allowing for time to display each image with the equivalent of 24 frames per second (about 240 milliseconds).

Some may see it as copyright infringement, I see it as preserving history. Since the original work for the movie was animated by hand, played back and then filmed, I wanted to see if the reverse would achieve the same result. It was all a learning experience. This is why I offer it freely without monetary compensation to anyone who wants to see it, as it is still the property of the filmmakers that originally created it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."  

KarlJones/1349955655764.jpg KarlJones/A-PseUFCYAEHu0t.jpg KarlJones/A-PsYt3CEAIxKkZ.jpg KarlJones/outpost31a.jpg KarlJones/outpost31B.jpg KarlJones/tng2012.jpg KarlJones/tng2012A.jpg

Karl Jones has sent us these great new pieces, including two that he managed to get signed by John Carpenter himself!


Splitface by Glen Eyre.


CarpenterCard2012/cardillustration1.jpg CarpenterCard2012/cardillustration2.jpg CarpenterCard2012/cardillustration3.jpg

 CarpenterCard2012/card1.jpg CarpenterCard2012/card2.jpg CarpenterCard2012/card3.jpg

 CarpenterCard2012/card4.jpg CarpenterCard2012/card5.jpg CarpenterCard2012/card6.jpg

Outpost #31 sent a 2012 Christmas card to John Carpenter, which we can confirm he received.  Thanks to Jean-François Berreville and Roberto Alves for the wonderful artwork.  Some of the above photos are of a mock-up, hence the dodgy glue and grainy text!



Roberto Alves has sent us this amazing illustration of the confrontation between MacReady and the Blair Monster.



Jean-François Berreville produced this exquisitely-detailed and, it would appear, very accurate sketch of the entire Norwegian Thing. It makes for interesting comparison with the prequel version.



Joey Vegas has sent us this full colour update of his Thing Generations fan art.


StevenResendez/The Thing Southpark Characters.jpg StevenResendez/The Thing Southpark characters 2.jpg

Steven Resendez sent is these cool Southpark-style renderings of The Thing cast.


Ross Grant/dogthing1.jpg Ross Grant/dogthing2.jpg Ross Grant/dogthing3.jpg

Three stages of the creation of Ross Grant's wonderful Dog Thing.


images/JoeyVegas/kill it with fire.jpg  

Joey Vegas has sent us this sharp and stylish digitally inked drawing of Kate.


TobieHill/thing ice.jpg  


Tobie Hill has produced this rendering of the spaceship discovery scene in Carpenter's movie.

 MonsterThing/Outpost 31 Site Version 02.jpg

MonsterThing has finally completed this stunning poster, whose development we have been eagerly following on the discussion forums.  It is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Carpenter's movie.  He has this special message for us:

 "Hello Thing fans, first of all I'd like to thank whole Outpost #31 community for support. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did when I was creating it. I'm huge fan of the original classic and based on what I saw on the internet The Thing fan base is very creative. So once again thank you and watch that poster because it can and it will take you over."


JoeyVegas/the thing colors web.jpg JoeyVegas/thething2.jpg

Joey Vegas has sent us two Thing-inspired illustrations that he has recently put up on his DeviantART page. They are both pencil drawings, with the first being colored and inked in Photoshop. The second is still a work in progress and we hope to see the finished article when it's done.

DouglasMurphy/Discovered.jpg DouglasMurphy/Not Human.jpg DouglasMurphy/SomeTHING.jpg DouglasMurphy/The THING 3-1.jpg

Douglas Murphy has made these atmospheric, prequel-themed wallpapers.


GregorySlevin/THE THING - BURSTING OUT.jpg GregorySlevin/thing_slevin.jpg

Gregory Slevin has produced this stunningly-detailed pencil-drawn Norris-Thing, and also produced a colour version with Photoshop.



Jesse Ohrn has sent us a very nice black and white Split-Face.

JonKroll/thething1982.jpg JonKroll/thething2011.jpg
Jon Kroll created these two Thing-inspired Google Chrome themes, one for each movie.

TobieHill/thingship1.jpg TobieHill/thingship2.jpg
Tobie Hill has produced these 3D models of The Thing's spaceship and trailers for both The Thing (1982) and The Thing (2011) .

StevenResendez/Norris thing.png StevenResendez/The thing.png
Steven Lennon Resendez sends us these brooding Thing pencil drawings touched up with a little Photoshop: further proof that practical and computer-generated effects can work very well together.  

Mark Maddox has sent us a scan of the cover he recently produced for issue #31(!) of Horrorhound magazine. He explains:

"Like you guys, I left the theatre in the Summer of '82 dazed, realizing I had seen one of the best movies ever made. I went back and saw it several more times before it was gone. I was ecstatic when Nathan Hanneman exclaimed he wanted me to do a Thing cover for his magazine. It was like a dream come true."  

Mark's website is Maddox Planet and he informs us that he does commissions.  So, if anyone wants a personal Thing piece, he is available. 


KarlJones/DSC00193.jpg KarlJones/DSC00212.jpg KarlJones/DSC00213.jpg KarlJones/DSC02080.jpg KarlJones/DSC02081.jpg KarlJones/DSC02108.jpg
Karl Jones from Hereford, UK, sent us scans of some beautiful Thing and Predator inspired oil paintings and a sketch of MacReady he has done.   Karl's Twitter feed is here and his deviantART page is here.

GhodiGirl has sent us another glorious monster: Agony.

Jean-François Berreville has sent us this complete storyboarding of The Thing.

GhodiGirl has produced this beautiful, hand-drawn Ghodi Thing: a horse-Thing in mid-transformation.

Burt Durand from LaFayette, LA has sent us this cool hand-sketched and digitally coloured Thing pic. He has produced lots of other great illustrations which can be found on his blog.

Jessica Rabbit is accosted by the Norris Creature...



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