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John Carpenter's




Photos of Thing-themed costumes and creations send in by our readers.



thatgoesinthere looks great in this MacReady costume.  Nice hat!



Nick Palmer sent us this photo of his superb MacReady costume.


Woodman/03-16-12-All_Con-523.jpg Woodman/03-16-12-All_Con-624.jpg Woodman/03-16-12-All_Con-634.jpg

Woodman sent us these pics of his fantastic MacReady costume.  See here for a discussion of it.


TimUtton/Halloween 2011 003.jpg TimUtton/Halloween 2011 010.jpg TimUtton/Halloween 2011 011.jpg TimUtton/Halloween 2011 012.jpg

Tim Utton has sent us photos of this highly-accurate Split-Face pumpkin carving.

AdamStephenson/Bane Selects_1.jpg AdamStephenson/Bane Selects_8.jpg AdamStephenson/Bane Selects_11.jpg
We're very happy to see Adam Stephenson's Blair-Monster Halloween costume in its complete form. Great job, Adam!

ChrisWall/halloween 2011_8.jpg ChrisWall/halloween 2011_18.jpg ChrisWall/halloween 2011_30.jpg ChrisWall/halloween 2011_54.jpg
Chris Wall has sent us these photos of his great R. J. MacReady Halloween costume. There is a flamethower there - the perfect trick for householders insufficiently stocked up on Mac's favourite treat: J&B.


Adam Stephenson from Niagara Falls is making a Thing-inspired Halloween costume.  He is actually making a time-lapsed video of its progress and we hope to see this and photos of the finished article.  Can you tell what it is yet?


Brian Ellis has shared with us these pictures of his wonderfully imaginative 2002 The Thing Halloween costume.  He has also sent us the equally striking cover, inspired by Drew Struzan's classic poster for The Thing, for a graphic novel that he has co-created. You can check it out here where the four issue mini-series can be read for free!

Paul Anderson from Toronto got his gear on to become a near perfect imitation of R.J. MacReady for Halloween 2008!


Carving by Patrick J. Kennedy



R.J. MacReady at Halloween F/X Party
MacReady costume. Thanks to Dan for the pic!!



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