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John Carpenter's



Outpost #31 has been online since October 2001 (originally founded by Todd Cameron) and we have always been The Ultimate THE THING Fan Site. We offered fans the opportunity to view the film up on the big screen at our THING-FEST Weekends which ran from 2001 to 2008. In the summer of 2003 Todd and Steve Crawford ventured up to the remote filming location in Stewart, British Columbia, Canada and located remains of the camp and the wreckage of the Norwegian helicopter. Another fan Peter Abbott went up recently in 2016 and also found and recovered remnants from the filming.

Chris Morgan was instrumental in co-founding Outpost #31 and creating an in-depth section and coverage for the video game. Steve Crawford contributed greatly to many areas including the Stewart Trip, Maps & Timeline, FAQ’s, and Essays. Very sadly Steve passed away in November 2008.

Todd resides in St. Petersburg, Florida where he is a writer and runs the Outpost #31 social media. He is spearheading a massive tribute project for the film's 40th Anniversary that will be unveiled in June 2022.

Tony, who lives in Glasgow, is our current webmaster, and has been running the Outpost for almost a decade now and is always happy to interact with fans.

You can find Todd, Tony, and Peter on our FB Page where all news and updates are posted: https://www.facebook.com/outpost31dotcom/.




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