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John Carpenter's



On occasion, we have the good fortune to have correspondence with key people involved or associated with The Thing movies.  These serve as great opportunities to obtain definitive answers to many of our long-standing questions about Carpenter's movie, and the whole host of new ones that have arisen since the release of van Heijningen's prequel.  Rather than perform one-on-one interviews, we prefer to give The Thing fan community, as represented by members of our discussion forums, the ability to submit questions which we pass on.  Naturally, it is entirely at the interviewee's discretion which ones they choose to answer.


Stuart Cohen - Co-producer of The Thing (1982).

 John Carpenter - Director of The Thing (1982).

Joel Polis - Actor who played Fuchs in The Thing (1982.)

Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. - Practical creature effects work on The Thing (2011).

Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. - Director of The Thing (2011).

Image Engine - Digital Visual Effects in The Thing (2011). 

Marco Beltrami - Composer of the score for The Thing (2011).  

Anne Billson - Author of the monograph The Thing (BFI Modern Classics)

Jez Conolly - Author of the monograph The Thing (Devil's Advocates)

Alec Gillis - Co-founder of Amalgamated Dynamics Incorporated (ADI.)

Tom Woodruff Jr. - Co-founder of Amalgamated Dynamics Incorporated (ADI.)

Lance Henriksen - A great man and a hero of ours in this genre.







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