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John Carpenter's



Storyboard book used in the film's production by Ernest D. Farino,
SFX crew for Blair Monster sequence.  Mentor Huebner drew the illustrations in this book.

The incredibly talented artist Michael Ploog drew storyboards for The Thing from the scenes envisioned in Bill Lancaster's screenplay.  Ploog and Rob Bottin worked hand-in-hand on the effects, Ploog with his sketches and pencils, Bottin with clay and sculptures.  Mentor Huebner, another talented illustrator, came in to fill Ploog's shoes and work on the Blair Monster.  He designed the storyboards and laid out the scenes for this complex sequence which would take the visual effects crew to their very limits.

Ploog left production early and Mentor took over as the head illustrator, completing the final design on the Blair Monster with Rob Bottin.  "We were constantly fighting the Blair Monster from looking funny.  We had to be careful it didn't go ridiculously overboard.  One laugh in the crowd and there goes the whole ballgame." (Mentor Huebner)  A nod also to Willy Whitten who drew concept storyboards for various scenes. 


Spaceship Discovery 
A series showing the discovery of the alien spaceship.
 (12 storyboards)

The Norwegian Camp 
A series showing the exploration of the remains of the Norwegian camp.
 (17 storyboards)

Out On The Ice! 
A scene from the script and novel that was storyboarded
but unfortunately never filmed due to money and time constraints.
 (3 storyboards)

The Kennel
A series showing the start of the kennel sequence (15 storyboards)

"DogTown's Going Nuts"
Original storyboards for the Dogtown sequence (12 storyboards)

Norris Transformation
Complete series depicting the various stages of the Norris Creature sequence, from the chest to Spider-Head (22 storyboards)

Garry and Nauls
Art depicting the death of Garry and another scene never filmed showing the appearance of Nauls prior to the Blair Monster.
 (10 storyboards)


Blair Monster 
Complete Blair Monster sequence (3 pieces of concept art + 23 storyboards)


An early storyboard depicting the camp in flames

mockad.jpg (539079 bytes)
A very early mock-up prototype poster for the film. Can you see the Skua gull??



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