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John Carpenter's


Timeline of Events

The following timeline is based on actual times spotted in the film, mostly from the clock on the rec room wall.  Other times can be reasonably inferred, and these are surrounded by parentheses.  One of the times (the timing of the kennel attack) is taken directly from the script.  Still other events are impossible to place except that they occur on a certain day, in which case they are listed without times.

Day 1

8:25 AM

Men relaxing, playing in the rec room; Mac playing chess in his shack

(8:30) AM

Norwegian Chopper does flyby; dog-Thing arrives at Outpost 31

9:36 AM

Norwegian body lying on ping-pong table; discussion about what to do

9:55 AM

Mac and Copper leave for Norwegian camp

(11:00) AM

Mac and Copper arrive at Norwegian base and begin their inspection

12:30 PM

Dog-Thing takes first victim at Outpost 31

(2:00) PM

Mac and Copper return to Outpost 31


Unwrapping and initial inspection of burned Norwegian-Thing


Autopsies of Norwegian and Norwegian-Thing

7:00 PM

Men relaxing/playing in the rec room

(7:05) PM

Clark cages the Dog-Thing

Day 2

4:30 AM

Dog-Thing attacks the kennel


Autopsy of Dog-Thing and dead dogs in the Lab; discussion amongst the men


Review of Norwegian video tapes


Mac, Norris, Palmer leave for crash site


Mac, Norris, Palmer arrive and inspect alien wreckage


Mac, Norris, Palmer arrive back at Outpost #31


Discussion/debate in the rec room about the derelict ship

5:36 PM

Blair performs computer simulation and calculations


Transferring Thing carcasses into the store room


Bennings attacked by the Norwegian-Thing and killed; Bennings-Thing torched


Blair goes berserk

Day 3


Blair locked into the tool shed


Blood discovered to be contaminated

(9:20) PM

Blood is burned and destroyed; Mac makes his speech

9:35 PM

Doc, Garry, and Clark are drugged and tied down in the rec room

Day 4

There are no events seen in the film during this day.


Day 5

(8:30) PM

Mac makes his tape

(9:00) PM

Fuchs gets killed

10:05 PM

Mac organizes search parties to find Fuchs

(10:50) PM

Childs and others begin boarding up outside doors

(11:20) PM

Mac breaks in and takes charge

(11:30) PM

Norris-Thing bursts out and gets killed


Day 6

(12:26) AM

Mac directs everyone to tie themselves down in the rec room

12:28 AM

Clark shot and killed by Mac

12:43 AM

Palmer-Thing's blood jumps out of petri dish

12:49 AM

Palmer-Thing hit with flamethrower

(1:10) AM

Blair discovered not to be in the tool shed

(1:15) AM

Tool shed and Blair-Thing's escape vehicle destroyed

1:30 AM

Bulldozer crashes through rec room wall

(1:40) AM

Demolition of Outpost #31 begins

(2:00) AM

Final confrontation with Blair Monster


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