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Latest News

 Monday, November 25th

Thing Game Feedback taken down

8:45am cst |
The Thing Game feedback form has been closed at Black Label Games request. They, and we, thank you for the hundreds that took the time to fill out the substantial form and let them know what they did well and what could have been better.

BLG also wishes you and yours a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

 Tuesday, November 12th

Force Monkeys do The Thing

5:58am cst |
The fine folks and Force Monkeys have done their take of The Thing in two recent comics.

You can read them here and here.


 Friday, November 8th

Game Norwegian translation

4:54am cst |
The bit of Norge you hear at the beginning of the game has been translated for us. 

Thanks go to NorwegianStallion for the help.

Here's the original...

"Larsen? Larsen??!
hhh.. hhh...
Hjelp meg...
Hjelp meg!!!
Hold deg vekk!
Hold deg vekk!!!
Slipp.... Neeeeeeiiiii!!!"

and in English:

"Larsen? Larsen??!
Oooohh.. Ooooohhh...
Oh my god
Oh my god!!
Help me...
Help me!!!
Stay away!
Stay away!!!
Let go..... Noooooooo!!!!"

Honestly, the original was so mumbled in the game, I wasn't sure it said anything at all. 

Thanks NorwegianStallion!

 Thursday, October 31st

Project Halloween (patch 1.2) has been released!

2:52pm cst |
Black Label Games has made The Thing even better for PC gamers.

The patch comes in two files. One is the 1.2 update only. The other includes 1.1 which IS REQUIRED for 1.2 to work.

If you are in the UK, you will need the 1.2 patch only. However, you may encounter an install error. If you get a message saying you have the wrong version or something to the effect, just click 'install anyway' and you should be ok.

If you're in Germany, don't apply either of these. Your patch required some additional verification and will be released shortly.

Where can you get it? Why, from here and other fine retailers:


1.1 and 1.2 combo pack (6.7 Mb)

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